Silence of the Liberal Democrats

March 2018
Observer columnist and writer Nick Cohen thinks mainstream liberal culture and left-wing politicians are failing to help progressive Muslims who want to fight inequalities endorsed by culture and religion in their communities. He calls this the "racism of the anti-racist". MORE


Is Uni Worth It?

Sunday 3rd December, 2017 - BBC Radio 4
Sixth Former and award winning blogger Maelo Manning faces the biggest question of her life: is Uni worth it? Maelo goes on an investigative journey MORE


The Hidden History of the Corridor

Friday 29th September, 2017 - BBC Radio 4
You think the humble corridor has been with us forever. But not so: its a relatively recent innovation. MORE


Streets Apart: A History of Social Housing

Week 1 - Monday 28th Aug to Fri 1st September
Week 2 - Monday 4th Sept to Friday 8th September
Everyday at 13:45, 2017 - BBC Radio 4

In the wake of the fire at Grenfell Tower, Lynsey Hanley tells the story of social housing in Britain. MORE

Past Programmes


Owning Colour

13:45 14th April 2017 - BBC Radio 4
Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Black. A shade of each one has been the subject of intense copyright battles. The stories behind those battles MORE



Saturday 20th May 2017, 10:30am, - BBC Radio 4
Susie Dent, the countrys most famous lexicographer, argues that English, the language, no longer belongs to the English, the people. .... MORE


The Real Summer of Love

8th July 20:02, 2017 - BBC Radio 4
50 years on, historian Dominic Sandbrook punctures the myth of the Summer of Love, arguing that 1967 was a drab parade of schmaltzy hits, mass conformism .... MORE


The Myth of Homosexual

22nd July 20:02,2017 - BBC Radio 4
Was the passing of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act the great liberating moment for homosexuals in the UK? Absolutely not. 50 years on, Peter Tatchell reveals ... .MORE


Liberal Legalisers: The Times Cannabis Letter at 50

Fri 4 Aug 2017 11.00 - BBC Radio 4
50 years on, Peter Hitchens confronts the celebrity signatories of a letter, published in The Times in 1967, which called for the legalisation of cannabis. MORE


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