The Secret History of a School

Alan Johnson on 140 years of education through the prism of one school in Camberwell.


Uncle Sam and the Ayatollah

Forty years on from the Iranian revolution, the BBC’s former Tehran correspondent Jim Muir investigates secret contacts between the Americans and Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris. MORE


Being Gerry Adams

On its 30th anniversary, Stephen Nolan tells the story of the Sinn Fein broadcasting ban through the eyes of the actors who became its unexpected stars.


Does the Time Fit the Crime

Criminologist Professor David Wilson examines how society and history have shaped the sentencing of criminals against a backdrop of public opinion on serious cases.

Past Programmes


Silence of the Liberal Democrats

March 2018
Observer columnist and writer Nick Cohen thinks mainstream liberal culture and left-wing politicians are failing to help progressive Muslims who want to fight inequalities endorsed by culture and religion in their communities. He calls this the "racism of the anti-racist". MORE


Is Uni Worth It?

Sunday 3rd December, 2017 - BBC Radio 4
Sixth Former and award winning blogger Maelo Manning faces the biggest question of her life: is Uni worth it? Maelo goes on an investigative journey MORE


The Hidden History of the Corridor

Friday 29th September, 2017 - BBC Radio 4
You think the humble corridor has been with us forever. But not so: its a relatively recent innovation. MORE


Streets Apart: A History of Social Housing

Week 1 - Monday 28th Aug to Fri 1st September
Week 2 - Monday 4th Sept to Friday 8th September
Everyday at 13:45, 2017 - BBC Radio 4

In the wake of the fire at Grenfell Tower, Lynsey Hanley tells the story of social housing in Britain. MORE


Owning Colour

13:45 14th April 2017 - BBC Radio 4
Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Black. A shade of each one has been the subject of intense copyright battles. The stories behind those battles MORE



Saturday 20th May 2017, 10:30am, - BBC Radio 4
Susie Dent, the countrys most famous lexicographer, argues that English, the language, no longer belongs to the English, the people. .... MORE


The Real Summer of Love

8th July 20:02, 2017 - BBC Radio 4
50 years on, historian Dominic Sandbrook punctures the myth of the Summer of Love, arguing that 1967 was a drab parade of schmaltzy hits, mass conformism .... MORE


The Myth of Homosexual

22nd July 20:02,2017 - BBC Radio 4
Was the passing of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act the great liberating moment for homosexuals in the UK? Absolutely not. 50 years on, Peter Tatchell reveals ... .MORE


Liberal Legalisers: The Times Cannabis Letter at 50

Fri 4 Aug 2017 11.00 - BBC Radio 4
50 years on, Peter Hitchens confronts the celebrity signatories of a letter, published in The Times in 1967, which called for the legalisation of cannabis. MORE


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