Battle for the Holy Land, Love Thy Neighbour

Channel 4

Rod Liddle meets with Palestinians in Bethlehem and the villages nearby to see the effect on their lives of the checkpoints, the Wall and the machinery of military occupation. The official justification for the Wall is to close off the West Bank and stop suicide bombers coming into Israel, ‘but,’ says Liddle, ‘it does not follow the line of the 1967 border. Instead, it twists and turns deep within Palestinian territory. Its tortuous, circuitous route has left Bethlehem virtually enclosed.’ He describes the wall seen from above: ‘In the distance one of the Jewish settlements of the West Bank, with acres of land to expand into. And right there, Palestinian Bethlehem, hemmed in on all sides.’

Channel 4 ▪ TX 21/05/2007 ▪ 1 x 60 min
Produced & Directed by Richard Sanders
Executive Producer: Samir Shah