How do you know God Exists?

Part of Channel 4’s Revelations strand

Channel 4

Leading documentary film-maker Antony Thomas asks prominent figures in the five principal faiths in Britain discuss their beliefs and answer questions about their basic faith and their own spiritual journeys.

The key figures interviewed are Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols, Muslim theologian Tariq Ramadan, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Sadhu Paramtattvadas.

As well as addressing the ‘big questions’, including their concepts of God, heaven and hell, they speak frankly about their struggles and frequent moments of doubt, about the divisions within their ranks and crimes that have been committed in the name of religion.  This is a very engaging programme.

Channel 4 TX 16/08/2009 1 x 60 min
Produced and directed by Antony Thomas