Londons Burning

Channel 4

Set in Clapham Junction, London’s Burning is a dramatic interpretation of a single night of rioting and looting that took place in August 2011.

Starring David Morrissey and Samantha Bond as senior police officers, London’s Burning tells how residents, shopkeepers and businesses dealt with the violence.

Over several nights in August 2011, riots broke out all over London. The Metropolitan Police said: ‘We have never seen such levels of multi-site disorder in the Capital before. On Monday 8 August, it was unclear where the rioters would strike next. When over 400 youths besieged Clapham, nothing had prepared local shopkeepers, residents and police for the attack.

This drama is the story of what happened, based on the testimony of some of those who were there.
Drawing on witness testimonies and interviews, the drama weaves together half a dozen narratives, and is based on accounts from those who live or work in Clapham: the hairdresser, the party shop owner, the family man, the music shop keeper.

Their accounts are fascinating, revelatory and compelling. They are vivid testimonies to the enduring values of humanity: courage, compassion, determination, kindness and tolerance.

Channel 4 22 12 2011