Mugabe’s Secret Famine

Channel 4

With Zimbabwe in economic freefall its people are on the brink of a man-made famine. In a Channel 4 special, Peter Oborne, Political Editor of The Spectator and Paul Yule, producer, director and cameraman, defy Mugabe’s ban on foreign media by going undercover in Zimbabwe to get at the truth behind the rumours. The programme asks whether there really are six million people in danger of starvation in Zimbabwe, and if so, what should the British government be doing about it? The programme claims that the famine is man-made with Mugabe’s ruling political party (Zanu PF) using a food shortage partly caused by drought to kill off the opposition

Channel 4 ▪ TX 31/05/2003 ▪ 1 x 60 min
Produced, Directed and Filmed by Paul Yule