The Blunkett Tapes

Channel 4

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett becomes the most senior minister to reveal his experiences at the heart of the New Labour cabinet in this two-part Dispatches special. Central to the film is the unique taped diary recordings – made during his eight years in the Labour cabinet.

The film will also contain an extended interview with Blunkett and a number of interviews with his colleagues and opponents including Tessa Jowell, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Estelle Morris, former Secretary of State for Education, Professor Sir Michael Barber, former advisor to David Blunkett and Tony Blair, Lance Price, former Labour Party Director of Communications and Ed Owen, former advisor to Jack Straw.

The programmes will be broadcast to coincide with the autumn publication of the former minister’s diaries The Blunkett Tapes, which also cover this period.

David Blunkett overcame blindness and poverty to become one of the leading politicians of his generation. He entered Parliament in 1987 and occupied three cabinet posts during the first nine years of Labour’s period of office. As Home Secretary he was the third most powerful man in Britain behind the prime minister and the chancellor. He resigned from the cabinet for the second time in 2005 following a turbulent period of controversy and press scrutiny.

The Dispatches films provide candid insights into his involvement in key political events of recent years including Cabinet discussions in the run up to the allied invasion of Iraq, the impact of 9/11 on anti-terror legislation, the Government’s controversial reform of education policies and his two departures from Whitehall.

October 2006