The Taking of Prince Harry

Channel 4

Informed and shaped by the testimony of a panel of top experts from the military, police and Secret Service and former hostages, this documentary explores what the likely responses would be if such a high profile individual as Prince Harry were to be captured on military duty in Afghanistan.
Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan: an Apache helicopter being flown by Prince Harry has crashed. Prince Harry survives but is quickly captured by locals who are only too aware of the enormous value in a western soldier.

The film examines what would happen in this hypothetical situation both politically and militarily: how it would be managed in Britain, who would be in charge, how negotiations would be carried out and what would be implemented on the ground in Afghanistan.

With a look at British royals who have historically fought on the frontline, The Taking of Prince Harry examines these new tactics of warfare, with kidnapping increasingly used for political ends in modern conflicts. Up to 15 people are kidnapped every week in Afghanistan alone.

The Taking of Prince Harry raises questions about the far-reaching ramifications for Britain should Prince Harry be granted his wish to return to Afghanistan, and be captured, and asks if Britain is prepared for this potential ransom note.